Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art and Everything After

"Those Who Want War Warring Against Those Who Don't," Antonio Adams and Brian Joiner, 2008

We're pulling together "2 + 2 = 5: Collaborations," the next Thunder-Sky show opening April 29, 2011.  This large triptych is a collab done by Antonio Adams and the late Brian Joiner back in 2008 (and was last exhibited at Country Club two years ago) in response to Picasso's "Guernica," and it's going to be the centerpiece of the show.  The show is shaping up to be not just about collaboration in "real time," but also about spiritual collaborations as well.  Antonio is working on a few homage pieces to Brian, using some of the materials Brian left behind.  Also, David Mack, Cedric Michael Cox, and Antonio are working on "finishing" a few of Raymond's unfinished drawings.  Raymond left behind hundreds of half-completed drawings; we had some of these printed on a large-scale, and the three are adding their touches to the prints.  Bill Ross has several collaborations in the show with the late Donald Henry, and there will also be a piece by Katie Brenner and the late DJ Maes.