Monday, July 25, 2011

Artists as Activists

"Ode to Matisse," one of the collaborations by Bill Ross and Becky Iker that will be "Artists as Activists"


A two-year anniversary ART SHOW of works by artists featured in the semimonthly column “Artists as Activists” in Streetvibes since September 2009...

August 5 – September 23 @The Artisans Enterprise Center (AEC)  27 West 7th St, Covington, KY

Opening Reception: Friday Aug 5, 6-10 pm

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm


Farron Allen * Lauri Aultman * Gordon Baer * Keith Banner
Mary Pierce Brosmer * Carmen Bush * Jeff Casto * Jan Brown Checco
Halena Cline * Suzanne Chouteau * Cedric Cox * Scott Donaldson
Andy Fausz * Steven Finke * Dorothy Fraembs * Gary Gaffney
Barbara Gamboa * Stephen Geddes * Melvin Grier * Gena Grunenberg
Kymber Henson * Barbara Houghton *Jimi Jones * Jerry Judge
Kevin T. Kelly * Aaron Kent * Mary Ann Lederer * Gloria McConnaghy
Paulette Meier * Kelly Phelps * Kyle Phelps * Tom Phelps * Ellen Price
Matt Reed * Bill Ross * Kim Shifflett * Thom Shaw * Kurt Storch
Steve Sunderland * Ken Swinson * Leigh Waltz * Roscoe Wilson
Martin Zeinway

Curator: Saad Ghosn