Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Trespassing

I almost forget how to do it but then it comes back because I have everything I need with me.  It's not about what I do.  It's about what they do.  Figuring out what they do without knowing who they are.  The end result is the same every time.  It has to be or I will not do it ever again.  You can watch it all waking up, day after day.  My hand and my eye get into the same moment.  The blankness gets outlined in pencil, there's a sky, and what's underneath it.  I erase people.  They are ghosts begging to be erased.  What they do is what is important especially when they are not there.  Each nail, each brick, each detail.  Machines start to break out of themselves.  They start to dream and then buildings get built.  I don't know what else I can do but make sure I see it and draw it.  I can move forward without moving into that rectangular universe, more like a prayer.  When I stop, it stops.  I'll look down at what I've done.  I've made everything else disappear.  I'm not trying to take a photograph.  I'm trying to understand what is happening even though I'll never be able to know.  I can own it that way. 

I know how to make everything turn into what I want it to.  I know.  And everyday when I wake up I can see lines coming out of the sky and ground.  Thin wires that can cut through your brain, but once you know that you can use them.  Once you know what everything is for you know what you need to do.  Every building is being built so I can know.  I'm only documenting the end result of that knowing.  I'm moving to the next site.  I'll disappear into the rocks behind the buildings.  Or the clouds that get too close and swallow everything whole.