Friday, June 21, 2013

Grain of Sand

We asked Robert McFate, one of the two headliners in our William-Blake tribute show "INNCE/EXPCE," to talk about the experience of making Blake-inspired work.  Here goes:
"What amazes me most about Blake is not so much the art, words or ideas, it's when and where he made and wrote and said it all.  These ideas are alive.  Very contemporary.  As an untrained poet, I am inspired and am in agreement with Blake's words.  As an artist I am inspired and in agreement with Blake's struggle and desire to be understood.  When Keith first approached me I was only aware of Blake's images and was not aware of his poetry or other writing, other than 'Doors of Perception' or 'Eternity in a grain of sand.'  Blake opened doors as an artist, and Thunder-Sky, Inc. opened a door for me into a fantastical world.  It was pure joy working on this art.  I'd like to thank as well Emily Brandehoff, my cohort in this endeavor.  Blake has allowed me to use the narrow chinks of my own perception to see the world as infinite."