Monday, January 27, 2014

Unfortunately Toxic

Some movies you just hate.  Some movies you walk out on. 
The Wolf of Wall Street you walk out on. 
It's a meticulously shitty piece of work, and it's that meticulousness that pisses you off.  Martin Scorsese directed the thing, and Leonardo Dicaprio is the center of his focus, and their relationship is unfortunately toxic and even worse than that completely fucking boring.  Academy Award?  Jesus.  Why do we need this movie in our stratosphere?  Is it a form of punishment, or some kind of satire that needs to teach us how to live?  Nope.  Morality play?  Silly romp?  Nope.  It's just vanity.  Scorsese pretending to be what he once was, and Dicaprio pretending to be Robert Deniro.  Hell I don't know.  From the get-go I felt trapped.  Something about the self-congratulatory voice-over, the half-felt parody with the stupid lion walking through the busy Wall Street office, that sense of some blow-hard getting hepped up on his own storytelling ability.  And it's more than obvious that he's counting on you being impressed.  This movie ain't satire.  It's a total paean to status-quo.  It's a hymn to Ronald Reagan.  Which is fine, but goddamn propaganda is propaganda.  Not art.  Not even fun.  (Although it's fun to many people obviously who want to have a sort of time-out from the 21st Century.)  Fucking blond bitches and throwing midgets at Velcro targets and snorting coke off of blond bitch-tits and busting that fag butler in the nose, etc:  that's just some idiot in a bar telling you what it was like managing at TGIFriday's back in the day.  Nothing sharp or insightful about it. 
The emperor here has no clothes, but he sure as hell has a lot of stupidity.  Watching this thing reminded me of being in high school.  A bunch of dumb-asses in shop telling themselves lies.  This movie is a goddamn lie and it pisses me off.  And I'm using expletives because I can.