Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Just There

So I'll be walking around places full of crap and suddenly there will be something that escapes the land of crap even though it completely embraces the land of crap.  Here's a good example.  Kroger's, in College Hill (the same place where I spotted the Black History Month Coloring Contest tableau [check out a couple blogposts below]).  The mecca of fruits and vegetables and potato chips and greeting cards and 5.99 DVDs and frozen fish-sticks and National Enquirers and Marlburo Lights and so on suddenly turns into the only art gallery in town.  Cushioned within the nest of everything is a homemade paean/poster for The Hunger Games Part 2:  Catching Fire.  It has a careful hand about it, a deluxe attention to detail, and I'm wondering who took the time to do this?  Did he/she get paid, or was it on his/her own time?  A lonely high school art student with a gorgeously overheated fantasy life, or a middle-aged guy with too much time on his hands because he lost his last job because of a DUI and now all he can get is a part-time gig bagging groceries but he's also kind of talented (etc.)?  It doesn't matter.  It's just there, and when I see it I'm happy, don't know why -- except maybe because it is a release from the world of design and packaging and the onslaught of what needs to be bought.  It has a delicacy that makes you understand what being a fan of something is.  I couldn't really ever bring myself to go see Catching Fire at the movies, but I'll probably see it on TV and burst into tears thinking of this dumb/brilliant poster.  I don't know.  That's just the way it is.