Saturday, February 16, 2013

Missed His Shadow When He Was Gone

Missed his shadow when he was gone.  He was a silhouette mostly.  Sometimes though I caught him whole, looking down, like a bear wanting into a cave. 

Still think about him when I'm down there, looking up from wires and cables, breathing in that damp-rat smell.  One night it was cold as hell, crystal-clear sub-zero cold, and we were working on laying in new cable-pipe, and I remember just looking up and I could see him almost floating up there like he was stuck in glass, motionless, just staring down at me.  I saw his eyes, open wide like he was taking in all in, his brain just a big camera inside his skull.  He needed to know.  You got that feeling, and I looked up there and said something hey buddy or whatever and as soon as he heard me say something, as soon as he realized I was looking back he was off. 

But then he'd be back an hour or so later and I understood. 

This was our relationship.  I didn't even know he drew pictures.  Just thought he was interested in the work we were doing. 

Still miss him.  Even now.