Saturday, February 2, 2013

Names and Battles into Lullabies


Paul McGurl uses words.  Matthew Waldeck uses pictures.  By "use," I mean both artists appropriate and deliver their ideas, feelings and subject matters in ways that are workmanlike and focused on a central purpose that's kind of mysterious and in-your-face simultaneously.  There's no fooling around in either man's works, but there's a sense of off-kilter bliss, as these artists find meaning in the way they themselves take on what is symbolic and standard.  The names of presidents fashioned into a optometrist chart.  Historical figures lined up like Fischer Price figurines.  Both artists are creating their own worlds out of the world they've been given, and in their drawings they are finding out that history can become an incantation:  all those names and battles eventually become lullabies.
Paul and Matthew's works, along with the sculptures of Britni Bicknaver, will part of "Glory Be!  A Historical Romance," opening February 22, 2013 at Thunder-Sky, Inc.  Reception that night if 6 to 10 pm.