Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back Flips

I'm working on some collages that do black-flips from where I usually start.  Normally I just grab some old magazines and whatever and start, trying to make each piece as stupid and precise as possible, to evoke a sort of comatose, accidental logic.  Right now, though, I'm trying to make some collages based on a short story I wrote called "The Wedding of Tom to Tom," about two men with developmental disabilities who get married, with help from the support people in their group home.  I purposefully haven't read the story again, but I google-imaged topics that I remembered from writing the thing.  I'm going to take these found images and print them out in multiples and make collages from the fragments. 

Here's a survey of the images I've gathered.  I'll post some of the collages as soon as I do them.  I'm doing this for an upcoming art-show.  More on that later.