Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love Letters

Krista Gregory, the Visionaries + Voices Exhibitions Director, writes about Dale Jackson's work:
Accumulation of ideas and thoughts and paper:  Dale Jackson's commentary falls across the page with a non-sequitur/poetic beauty as an accumulating collection of ideas and thoughts reflective of his everyday: TV, the bus ride, automobiles he sees, songs which move him and people who've touched him: exercises in kindness and rudeness.  Documented on page after page of poster board in an expressive script akin to Cy Twombly, collected (here for a year), and stored for the eyes of no one.  semantics will present one year of Dale's writings, in collaboration with V+V Exhibitions Director Krista Gregory, in a large stack. Formally, it presents a sculpture in the vein of Felix Gonzales-Torres: A rectangular volume of layered colored paper, like candy, exposing only the top layer of writing.  The exposed top piece will be for sale, if it is sold, the next layer will be exposed and for sale, and so on and so on and so on...to slowly reveal Dale's tranquil daily reflections as one would mindfully reflect back thru a stack of love letters, painstakingly one at a time.

We're pulling together an exhibit at Semantics Gallery in Brighton that opens on Saturday called "Words and Pictures:  New Works by Eric Deller, Dale Jackson, and Mike Weber."  Reception 7 to 11 pm:  more info semantics gallery.  Please stop by if you can.  And thanks to Krista for her lovely love letter to Dale's art.